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Google api placeholder javascript

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Posted Dec 28 2012 12:19 AM

I just wanna know why we use google api placeholder javascript. I saw this script on one website and wanna know what is the use of this script.

This is the script: http://www.zones.com...479f459a5d5e.js

Also, is the Google Map API and Google API placeholder are the same thing? I tired to find out the answer for this but didn't got any.

And is there any relation of google api placehoder javascript with jquery library v1.7.1 ?


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Posted Jan 04 2013 10:28 AM

That js looks to be the JQuery library, not any of Google's libraries. You may have gotten it confused with Google because many sites will embed the JQuery source via any one of the various CDN's, one of which belongs to google. For example, you may have seen this:


Notice "jquery" on the end? The above link is to the JQuery library hosted on the Google CDN. That is not to say that the code belongs to google at all, only that it is hosted on a google server.

JQuery normalizes javascript across different browsers allowing developers to create client-side apps without worrying about browser compatibility. DOM manipulation, visual effects (fades, sliding, etc) and AJAX are some of the things that JQuery does.

Google Maps is not part of JQuery.

You can review all of Goolge's apis here:


The term "placeholder" that you've used many times has no relevance to the topic... I just assumed that you are talking about script tags.