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Help with terminal commands

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Posted Jan 02 2013 11:07 PM

My History:
Heard of Linux
Bought Redhat 5.0 soon after it hit the shelf
Played with multiple Linux distros
Currently use Lubuntu 12.1

While I am not a complete novice, there is still a lot that I have to learn in Linux. Right now I am choosing to work more in the use of the terminal. I once saw a shirt that had something like...

rm -rf /bin/laden (if you haven't seen it, it is easy to Google it)

I thought it was kind of cute, and decided to make use of the idea; but putting it to a christian theme:

:$ pwd
:$ ls
etc EVIL guilt lust unforgiveness
:$ cd EVIL
:$ ls
death etc sin
:$ cd ..
:$ mv etc guilt lust unforgiveness EVIL
:$ rm -rf EVIL
:$ sudo mv /Jesus /home/my/heart
:$ ls
:$ cd Jesus
:$ ls
etc eternal life forgiveness love purpose joy peace

Of course the use of cd and ls in this case was mostly to illustrate what I was doing to anyone who might see this, and since I actually did all of this on my computer through terminal; it gave me hands on experience. My question rests mostly in the area of the rm, mv and in real life instances cp. Was there a shorter/simpler way of doing that work? I ask because I have heard that there are sometimes shortcuts to doing things in terminal possibly using pipes (|) etc. I have Googled for answers, but some of the things I have found, I'm not sure I understand, Along with your answer, any valid links would be greatly appreciated.

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