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phpmsql nightmare on localhost

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Posted Jan 17 2013 03:39 PM

I have the head first php/sql book and after doing the html/css i thought i might be able to enjoy it. your search for Fang has led me to a universe called "wontrun" its a vexing place where someone using local host ,because server and database ARE on their computer, is causing a coding nightmare. Maybe its that html was a fine old english whilst php is more esoteric greek???? (no that CANT be the problem! i'm just more intelligent than that)
Seriously i am using the notepad++ utility and the code looks correct save for the change from the example to a local host via xampp for the $dbc=mysqli_connect statement..... it was however refreshing to actually get a databse in english on phpmyadmin, thanks!

when i fill in the php page for alien abduction and "send" it, i get a download into my dreamweaver util (which is not open) when i look into the database no entry was made but neither was the corresponding html page sent to me either..... but the code looks correct....

is there anyone who can help me out here?

if i cant deal with this the thought of spending money for the headfirst mobile browser ebook may never happen! (perish the thought! a potential return client lost because of a lack of help!????)

Thank you for your time and i hope at least my plea was as amusing as the books are.
Mary Easterling

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