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convert MXF files to a format that my FCP editor will accept

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Posted Jan 20 2013 06:45 PM

My Panasonic Pro camera automatically creates 4 audio tracks when I am shooting a video. I want to convert MXF files to a format that my FCP editor will accept. All seems to go well in the conversion. But, I have discovered that it is not converting all 4 audio tracks that are present on my mxf file. Any insight on this?

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Posted Jan 27 2013 06:54 PM

That maybe the problem of conversion, you lost the audio tracks. Panasonic camera always shot spanned files, you may try pavtube converter as it can help you convert MXF file to FCP format keeping all the audio tracks as my test. It’s a MXF converter highly recommended throughout the web. Good luck.
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Posted Sep 25 2013 08:08 AM

You need to convert MXF to H.264 codec MOV format for using MXF files in FCP, you can try freeware Handbrake, I have tested converting a short .mxf file to a .mov file using HandBreak. It works well on quicktime and iMovie. Handbrake also supports to convert video all nearly all the formats. I think it may be your best selection for video converting.