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What do the bookd look like on an e-reader?

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Posted Jan 23 2013 01:22 PM

I have read that I can upgrade my registered books to an e-reader friendly book. My question is, will the e-book look similar on my e-reader (Kobo Touch) as my printed book; keeping in mind that the e-reader is a gray scale display of course?

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Posted Jan 24 2013 06:39 AM

Thanks for writing us about this. We have some free ebooks and ebook samplers available that you can download to try out on your e-reader. Our ebooks are available in multiple formats.

  • PDF will be the closest to the print book, but could be difficult to read on a small e-reader.
  • EPUB is a good format for many e-readers, because the text is reflowable, so you can resize the text and read more easily on a smaller screen.
  • MOBI is somewhat similar to EPUB, but more limited. It's specifically for Kindle readers, but it looks like Kobo supports this format too.

On our Free page, you can find Free PDF Book Samplers at the top and Free Ebooks further down: http://oreilly.com/free/index.html

You can also see all the free PDF samplers at: http://oreilly.com/store/samplers.html

Here's a free ebook that you could download in multiple formats to try them all out: http://oreilly.com/d...health-care.csp

And here are three PDF samplers that can give you an idea of what different ebooks would look like:
Arduino Cookbook
Getting Started with Processing
Fitness for Geeks

Hope that helps! If you decide to purchase an ebook upgrade, you can do so by going to the Print Books section of Your Products page, where you'll see a $4.99 Ebook Upgrade button next to each product.