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How To Get Your Feet Wet with Windows PowerShell

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Posted Jan 25 2013 10:39 AM

Here are five beginning tips from Lee Holmes, author of the newly-released Windows PowerShell Cookbook, third edition

1. Start by getting your feet wet. Launching PowerShell instead of cmd.exe, and do everything else you used to.

2. Learn incrementally. You don't need to learn all of PowerShell for it to make an improvement in your life.

3. Stand on the shoulders of giants. When you have a problem, search the internet for the solutions and tweak the solutions you find to suit your need. You may not understand 100% of them, so use those as an opportunity to learn.

4. Get involved in the community, and you will find your greatest ally. Follow the #powershell hashtag on Twitter, participate in Stack Overflow, and read the forums on PowerShell.org. You will find an enormous pool of passionate, helpful people.

5. Just do it. Make the commitment to yourself that you'll solve your new problems with PowerShell, and you'll be an expert in no time.

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