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Ensure Your E-commerce Success with Magento

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Posted Feb 11 2013 10:14 PM

The online commerce era has tended all business organizations to display their business profiles over web. The increasing number of online buyers are tending all kinds of business organizations to set up their dedicated e-commerce stores to gain maximum attention of their clients. Business organizations are not only facing the need of having an e-commerce store but they have the compulsion of keeping their websites responsive towards new age mobile devices. The responsiveness increases the number of total visitors of a website. Therefore, you as a business organization are required to create an impressive online shopping portal CMS tool. There are multiple open source web content management systems to build online shopping portal but Magento is one of the most trusted open source web content management system. You are only required to hire magento programmers for installation and configuration of Magento in your website. You are only required to hire the excelled developers to kick-start your process of establishing your business over web.

Initial Configuration Process

In your initial configuration process, you are required to ask your hired coders to download the community edition of this open source content management system. There is no doubt that enterprise edition posses more functionalities then the community edition but you can make your free copy resourceful by customization. You would have to analyze the needful features of your e-commerce store and document over paper to implement on your website. The configuration must be done from professional hands.

The Customization Stage

Post configuration of Magneto in your store, you are required to make changes in the community edition of your open source web content management system. Considerably, the content management needs varies from business to business. Therefore, it is essential for all business organizations to hire excelled developers for creating the cutting-edge features. You will further need to create customer driven features for your website. You should pen these features down on a paper to share with your coders. It will help you in creating the right extensions for your website. Apart from this, you can increase the search engine friendliness of your website by installing few extensions in your e-shopping portal. It will make you able to seek the positive interest of your targeted customers. Moreover, the website will also help you in displaying your product and services.

Test Your Website For Sure

You must test your web functionalities in accordance with international quality standards. This thorough quality assessment will help your business organization in creating a glitch free online shopping portal. This testing phase will improvise various aspects of your online shopping portal such as loading speed, functional bugs, and responsiveness towards mobile devices.

You can get the idea to initiate your process to create your online store using Magento. It is the most trusted open source web content management system. You will not find such resourcefulness for making e-commerce stores in other CMS tools made using PHP. Therefore, the selection of magento ecommerce development as open source web content management system will turn you as a leading business organization over web.

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Posted Mar 20 2013 02:35 AM

Magento is undoubtedly number one E-commerce platform, This open source is the rising winner of ecommerce technology. The reasons behind it's success are given below:

Marketing Promotions & Tools
SEO Friendly
Trust and Security
Going Mobile (Responsive)
Easy Payment gateway

Here is an article to ensure: Why Choosing Magento is a Smart E-Commerce Decision
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Posted Sep 04 2013 04:44 AM

The online commerce era has tended all business organizations to display their business profiles over web
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Posted Sep 04 2013 10:57 PM

It is costly, but effective. The online commercing, is now a big factor which help business to come over the web and display their qualities and features. It has drawn many important clients to them.