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How To Save Battery in Android Phones [Important Tips]

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Posted Feb 13 2013 02:12 PM

Here are few tips to enhance the stand by time and battery life of your Android while your phone is being used or is in sleep mode.

1. Screen is the most Battery Draining Hardware on a Device.
Screen brightness can be a matter of death or life on battery performance. While some say that SUPERAMOLED saves more power than SUPERLCD and TFT, but I have seen all of them draining the power in my droids.

Hence rather than using auto brightness, toggle it to 5-10 % while indoor and again back to auto in outdoor conditions. The reason why companies tweak auto brightness to 10 -15 % brightness more than the requirement whether it is indoor or outdoor is to show rich colours. You can download auto brightness switch from Google play.

Moreover don’t forget to un-check auto rotate. Also, screen auto off time should be reduced.

2. Phone Radio Hardware Check
Any hardware on the device whether it is Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile network radio, when used will drain the battery, you must need to check whether any of them is ON even if you don’t need.

Mobile data network or GPS have improved a lot since ICS android 4.0, so if you keep them enabled, won’t affect much because GPS turns ON only when used by app, but data network can trigger apps to use them in case of background apps and lead to battery drainage and even charging you cost.

You can use some great apps like battery doctor or juice defender and let them manage it automatically.

remaining tips here, Save Battery on Android Phones

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Posted Mar 28 2013 06:08 PM

Great sharing and I just learn more from this article My link
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Posted Aug 23 2013 04:38 AM

Great tips. All were very useful. Now my Android would probably stay long with the battery. Thanks for sharing the tips:)
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Posted Aug 23 2013 11:40 AM

These are very much the best way to save battery in Android phones because more apps using network access will cause more battery consumption.