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Everything you need to know about GLONASS

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Posted Feb 22 2013 07:07 AM

We have recently covered this topic in detail on our blog. Here's the write-up.

GLONASS is an acronym, which stands for Globalnaya Navigazionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema, or Global Navigation Satellite System. GLONASS is Russia’s version of GPS (Global Position System).

Who built it?
Soviet Union started the development of GLONASS in 1976. GLONASS is the most expensive program of the Russian Federal Space Agency, consuming a third of its budget in 2010.

The various versions of GLONASS were

GLONASS – launched in 1982, the satellites launched were intended to work for weather positioning, velocity measuring and timing anywhere in the world or near-Earth space by the military and official organisations.
GLONASS-M – launched in 2003 add second civil code. It is important for GIS mapping receivers.
GLONASS-k – started in 2011 again has 3 more types namely k1, k2 and km for research. Adds third civil frequency.
How much did GLONASS cost?
In the past decade ie.10 years up to 2011 the Russian government spent about 5 billion dollars on GLONASS project, the most expensive ever by Russian Federal space Agency.

How is GLONASS different from GPS?

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