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Translating articles from o'reilly book

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Posted Feb 28 2013 09:55 PM

Say if someone wish to translate a book from O'Reilly from, for example, English to Japanese.
Publishing would surely cause copyright problems.
Therefore, could such actions like translation to be carried out by someone less than professional, in a way, recognised. If so, could the translated work also be publish under any circumstance(i.e. endorsed by the original text creator)?
How should one proceed?

Apparently there is not a simple answer address translation other than reference to copyright.com, or if that is all it needs to gain permission to translate a *full* book?

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Posted Mar 05 2013 11:37 AM

Thanks for writing us about this. For permission to use text, code, or images from our books, please send us a brief email at permissions@oreilly.com describing the specific information you'd like to reproduce and the final destination for or purpose of the reproduction.