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How To Change the Wallpaper on Your NOOK HD

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Posted Mar 01 2013 01:53 PM

NOOK HD: The Missing Manual author Preston Gralla tells you how to change up the look of your NOOK.

Change Your Wallpaper
There are times in life when you want a change in the way things look—a new paintjob on your house, a new set of furniture, a different haircut. You may feel that way sometimes about your NOOK. You can’t give the NOOK a new hairdo, but you can change its wallpaper—the background picture on your Home screen and its panels. Here's how to do it:

1. Press and hold an empty area of the Home screen or a panel. At the bottom of the screen four tabs appears: Library, Apps, Wallpapers, and Bookmarks.

2. Tap Wallpapers. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll have three choices to find wallpapers: Gallery, Wallpapers, and Live Wallpapers. Wallpapers are pictures that have been designed to look nice as wallpaper background. The Gallery contains all the photos and pictures on your NOOK, any of which you can also use as wallpaper. Live Wallpapers are wallpapers designed to look nice as wallpaper background, but also are “live” in some way, such as being animated.

3. Tap the Gallery if you want to add wallpaper from there. When you tap the Gallery, you’ll head to the Gallery. (See page xxx for details.) Browse through it and choose the picture you want to use. Because the pictures in the gallery haven’t been optimized for the NOOK, you’ll be able to crop them so that they’re the right size. Choose the cropping you want, then type Crop and it gets set as your wallpaper. Tap Done.

4. Tap the Wallpapers or Live Wallpapers if you want to add wallpaper from either of them. You’ll see a list of wallpapers you can use. There may be more than you see at first, so swipe through them. You see a small thumbnail of the wallpaper at the bottom of the screen, and a preview of it at the top. Select the wallpaper you want to use, and tap “Set wallpaper” and then tap Done.

Note: When you select a live wallpaper, you may be able to select options for how it works, such as its colors.

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