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How To Install a MicroSD Card Onto Your NOOK HD

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Posted Mar 01 2013 01:59 PM

NOOK HD: The Missing Manual author Preston Gralla tells you how to easily add your MicroSD card to your reader.

Install a microSD card
If you haven’t installed a microSD card before, don’t fret—it’s a piece of cake. Here’s how:

1. Put your NOOK face up on a clean and surface. Make sure you can see the NOOK button…in other words, make sure you haven’t put the NOOK HD face-side down.

2. Locate the small lid to the left of the 30-pin USB port at the NOOK’s bottom left edge. You’re your fingertip, pull the lid away from the NOOK’s bezel. Make sure to pull it straight back, and to do it gently. The lid should come straight back. It remains attached to the NOOK by two flexible bands. Push the lid down slightly and you’ll expose a slot.

3. Holding the card between your thumb and forefinger, with the logo side up, insert it gently into the slot.

4. Push the card gently until it clicks into place.

5. Push on the gray lid gently to snap it into place.

If you haven’t used the card before, you may need to format it before you can use it. If that’s the case, you’ll see a dialog box telling you that the card needs to be formatted. Tap Format Now. You’ll get a warning, telling you that formatting the card will delete all its contents. Tap the Format Now button again, and the NOOK formats the card. (If you don’t get the alert telling you that the card needs to be formatted, don’t worry—that just means it’s already formatted and you’re ready to go.)

Even if the card has been formatted, you may get a message that you need to erase its contents in order to be able to watch videos on it. So you may need to format it.

Once the card is installed, you’ll be able to get to it and its contents in the My Files area of your Library.

Removing an SD card is as easy as installing one. Place your NOOK face up and pull out the lid to expose the card slot as described in the previous steps. Push gently against the memory card with your fingertip and then release it; part of the card pops out. You can then slide the card out of the slot and snap the gray lid back into place.

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