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How to create a persistent, encrypted Knoppix home directory

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Posted Aug 24 2009 03:40 PM

You really like running Knoppix from the CD, because it cannot be infested by viruses, Trojans, or rootkits, and you would like to use it in place of a hard drive installation. But there's a problem: where do you store personal data, email, and other things that you'd like to keep with you? You want a secure home directory in which to store email and other data files.

Run Knoppix Posted Image Configure Posted Image Create to make a persistent Knoppix home directory. You'll have the option of creating /home on the hard drive, or on removeable media such as USB memory sticks, compact flash cards, or Zip disks. This creates a file called knoppix.img.

Say yes when it asks you if you want to create an AES-encrypted directory. The directory will be encrypted with a 256-bit key. You have to come up with a passphrase of at least 20 characters. Make it a sentence that you can remember, like "thisismylongpassword," because you'll need it every time you boot.

To boot using your nice, new encrypted /home, insert your removable media and type:

boot: knoppix home=/dev/sda1
If you also saved your Knoppix configuration, you can specify both:

boot: knoppix home=/dev/sda1 myconfig=/dev/sda1

Your new /home directory will appear in Knoppix as /home/knoppix and will be automatically mounted at boot. If you store your encrypted /home<a name="in an"> in an existing Linux partition on the hard drive, the whole partition will be mounted.

The default size of /home/knoppix is 30 MB. Make it as large as you need.

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Posted Feb 20 2013 11:57 AM

Knoppix Configure Create to make a persistent Knoppix home directory

Failed to execute child process "Knoppix" (No such file or directory)

Is it wring ?
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Posted Feb 11 2014 03:23 AM

The answer that was submitted by carlaschroder O'Reilly Author
Posted Aug 24 2009 03:40 PM is extremely LAME and useless.
Just try to follow carla's rediculious answer using Knoppix 7.2.0.
and you'll see what I'm talking about!!!
Sincerely, unker cecil