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SQL Server OPENQUERY limits

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Posted Nov 04 2009 08:00 AM

What the data size limitations on SQL Server OPENQUERY?
I am working on an issue where a query run in SQL Server OPENQUERY returns corrupted data. The query has 49 columns. The first and third row returned is fine. The second one is corrupted. The NUMBER columns display giberish and the VARCHAR2 columns show bits of the third record. If I reduce the columns down to only 30 everything comes out fine. If I change the Oracle DB view that is being querried in the OPENQUERY to return NULL from the larger columns it returns all 49 columns of data for all three rows without error. All of the columns are 4000 bytes or less in size which is below the limitation I found for a single column.

So it appears I am hitting some limitation related to OPENQUERY with a large data record.

On a related note I have another query that returns less data per record but many more rows and this seems to corrupt on the record pattern: 2, 26, 52, 78, .....

What are the record limitations on OPENQUERY and row limitations on OPENQUERY?

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