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How can I use an Android phone on Verizon's service?

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Posted Nov 24 2009 01:56 PM

I have a Verizon phone and am wanting to give an android phone a test-run, but since my phone doesn't have a SIM card I can't figure out how to get the phone working. I'd like to use the android on Verizon... using the same phone number. Any suggestions?

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Posted Nov 24 2009 03:37 PM

I could be wrong, but Verizon’s network runs on the same CDMA technology as Sprint so if you are on one of these two carriers you won't have a SIM card. You should have number portability so your number can be used once you buy a Verizon Android phone. At this time, the phone options are limited, but excellent. Motorola's Droid which has a virtual keyboard, or HTC Eris which has the virtual keyboard. I have the Eris and it is comparable to the MyTouch from TMobile and the Hero from Sprint. These are an excellent class of smart-devices. What is impressive is Android under the covers is zippy and runs multiple apps at once. This class of smart-devices puts the smart in the term and running on Verizon keeps you in touch everywhere. IMO.