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Freelance education policy writing?

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Posted Nov 26 2009 11:23 AM

I know a tech-savvy teacher who writes a blog and creates lesson plans in HTML. He read an article about teachers selling lesson plans and wondered if there was any market for educational material for non-teachers.

His current ideas are for education reform and project-oriented learning. I suggested writing them in his blog, but he says he cannot donate the time necessary. Is there any publisher or web site that pays for this kind of education policy articles?

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Posted Dec 16 2009 09:22 AM

Hi Corvus, There are many education magazines and sites your friend could pitch his articles ideas to. I'd check out Kappan, Teacher, Principal, Edutopia, Tech & Learning magazines, just to name a few. Scholastic.com has a huge collection of lesson plans (not sure whether they take submissions, though, or--if they do, whether they pay anything for them).

A good resource for freelance writers in any area is the Writer's Market 2010 (you can get some of this info free online as well). The WM lists markets (including education) and includes entries on magazines with topic areas, submission how-tos, contact info, and more. Good luck!
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Posted Nov 16 2012 02:28 AM

There are many education sites on the net in which your friend can publish his articles. He may also have it in essay format with the right essay outline.
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