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Transfering music from an old to a new ipod nano

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Posted Dec 10 2009 08:16 AM

I have an old 4G ipod nano. I just got a new 16G ipod nano. I want to transfer all the music from my existing 4G music library to my new 16G ipod and give the old 4G nano to a friend. She currently doesn't have an ipod so no ipod music library on her computer. She will likely keep most of the music library that is on the 4G nano when I give it to her. How do I make the switch to get all my current music to my new 16G nano? How do I set my friend's computer up so that she now has my old 4G nano on her computer and is registered so that she can buy and add new music to the new to her 4G nano? Thanks in advance for your help. jwbrig

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Posted Dec 10 2009 10:34 AM

The music on your iPod Nano is stored locally on your computer. You should be able to plug in your new iPod and sync.

Giving your old iPod to your friend is another matter. You can't just hand her the iPod and expect it to transfer your music to her computer automatically. Apple frowns on this (as does the RIAA, etc.). However, you can transfer the actual files from your computer to hers and then have her add them to her library. From there she can sync the iPod with her personal preferences and purchase new music to her hearts content.

If you have media that uses digital rights management (DRM), you'll have to authorize its use. You might also want to restore the iPod to factory settings prior to handing it off to another user.

Tip: To create or select a library, just hold down the Option key (or shift on PC) when you start iTunes. Once the library is created you can add new music to it. You can keep multiple libraries on one machine.
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Posted Dec 10 2009 10:36 AM

iTunes only provides one way syncing with non-drm music. You could put iRip on her machine, get the music off the iPod and into her iTunes Library. After that she would be able to sync it with iTunes just fine.
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Posted Dec 10 2009 03:12 PM

If you are like the many folks I've run across who transfer songs to their iPod and then delete them from the computer, you may need a tool to move the files from the iPod back to your computer. I use Podworks, by Sci-fi Hi-fi. It's $8, and has worked with every iPod I've owned. There are several similar Windows programs but I have no experience with them.

Keep in mind that you can't legally keep a copy of those songs and then give one to your friend, unless they're all purchased from iTunes in which case you have to authorize her computer to play them as well.
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Posted Feb 22 2013 12:22 AM

For iPod touch sync with iTunes, please follow these steps:
1.Plug in your iPod touch with the USB cable to you computer.
2. Your iPod touch should appear under Devices in the bar to the left.
3. Go to Music tab, check the box sync all music in the library.
4.Select APPLY and Sync at the lower right corner
5.Wait as the song added to iPod touch,. When done click Eject and unplug your iPod touch.
And you can also transfer music from old iPod to a new iPod nano with some third-part software.