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Posted May 02 2013 06:41 AM

The go. microsoft site in the above title does not lead me to any instructions as to how to download the several step by step Office 2013 books I have purchased. (including Windows 8, Excel , Word , Power Point, Access 2013). The web site 'mspbooksupport@oreilly.com does not open. What am I missing? Where can I go to obtain download instructions?

Thanks for your help. Bill Mebane bmebane@msn.com


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Posted May 07 2013 11:33 AM


mspbooksupport@oreilly.com is not a website, it is an email address. You should write an email to this address about your problem of downloading the ebooks.
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Posted Apr 16 2014 04:05 PM

I want to know where I can download the free E-book that I was promised with MS Excel 2013 Step by Step.
There are no instructions here regarding how I can get the free download I was promised with the book.
Catherine McEntee