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I need help with this ICT assigment question about HTML! opinions please

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Posted Dec 30 2009 10:00 AM

Suppose you were able to define a new version of XHTML without having to worry
about backward compatibility with older markup languages. Which elements and attributes
from XHTML 1.0 would you leave out? What new ones would you include?

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Posted Feb 20 2010 03:11 AM

Many web developers have become tired of the lack of development in XHTML and - wary of the radical differences between XHTML1* and XHTML2 - have reverted to HTML4.01 strict. Since HTML5 seems to be implementing many of the semantic tags that will become useful in future, that - rather than an XML-driven path for web page markup - appears to be the favoured way forward.

The good thing about XHTML is that it got people writing - and demanding - valid markup and helped kill off tolerance for the 'loose' HTML that was once so prevalent (and still around, although happily less so). Now that is established, strict HTML4.01 does the job just as well, but see beware of XHTML for a thorough explanation of the distinctions.

One major plus would be native browser support for SVG (and even VRML/X3D) in XHTML, and the ability - as the name suggests - to 'extend' markup with various (say) purpose-specific tags, with enough browser parsing and server delivery of the application/xhtml+xml content type to be usable.

But for many, HTML5 is the 'new' XHTML, especially now the W3C XHTML2 Working Group charter hasn't been renewed...