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How to capture video of the screen on Android

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Posted Jan 07 2010 07:10 PM

Tim recently posted instructions on how to capture screenshots from an Android device. You can use the same underlying technology to capture video (albeit at 5 or 6 frames per second).

To do this, you'll need to download Mark Murphy's DroidEx, which is based on the DDMS debugging tool. DroidEx is available for download from this Google group, and also from GitHub. Before you go any further, though, be sure to check out Tim's answer and make sure you can get it to work. You will need all the software from Tim's answer to get any of the following to work.

Update: It doesn't look like DroidEx is available for download of either the above sources, so I've attached it to this Answer: Attached File  DroidEx.zip (3.44K)
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Update 2: even better! Mark Murphy, the author of DroidEx, pointed out Jens Riboe's Droid@Screen, which works great for me.

If you downloaded the jar file from the Google Group, you'll have to run it from the command line with a command like this (make sure you've got your Android device connected via USB and have debugging enabled):

java -cp DroidEx.jar:$ANDROID_HOME/tools/lib/ddmlib.jar com.commonsware.droidex.DroidEx

You'll need to have set the ANDROID_HOME environment variable to the location of your Android SDK. For example, on my Mac, I set it with this command, which assumes android-sdk-mac is in my home directory:

export ANDROID_HOME=~/android-sdk-mac/

If you downloaded the source code from GitHub, you'll need to build it with Ant (or you can download the jar file and drop it into the bin subdirectory). Read the instructions at the root of the source code and use the droidex shell script to run it.

Once you have it running, you'll get a window showing your Android screen, and it will update about 6 times a second. You can now use screen capture software (I use iShowUHD) to record the action.

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Posted Sep 08 2011 03:26 AM

Yes, of course you can Record video on Android.. Here is a newly released app of video recorder.. check it ..
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Posted Dec 17 2012 02:14 PM

Droid@Screen is definitely a good app. However, there are few other ways one can record the screen of his/her Android device as well. Here's a good article on the matter: How to Record Screen Activity on an Android Device.
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Posted Feb 21 2013 02:58 AM

Droid example is nice for screen recording..can we record touch events in android...using the same code..so that it would be so clear.